Git - Org-Mode Labs

Git Literate Labs Example

This is my attempt with idempotent literate Git labs made with Org-Mode and Org-Babel in Emacs.

If you want to re-use it, make sure you have changed the #+properties setting (specifically the :dir value) to your local preferences.

Everything else should be working with the default settings. I use Emacs v27.1 with Org-Mode v9.3.7 - though it should be working in earlier versions as well.

GitHub specific info:

There's an annoying bug in the GitHub renderer for Org-Mode files. It does not allow using #+property constructions to specify global variables for the src blocks. More specifically, the renderer does not take into account the :exports both property and the #+RESULTS blocks will not be rendered. The existing workaround for this is to specifically use :exports both with every src block in the document.